Pre Engineered Building Systems are used in several allocations for huge structures like, school buildings, air ports or any industrial sectors. These pre-building structures developed by our experts are in high cost effective, as they go through the high grade superiority and time efficient solutions to the customers. The provided pre-engineered buildings are widely appreciated for their fine design, durability ad less maintenance. These pre engineered building construction are suitable for accommodations, auto dealerships, manufacturing units, workshops, offices, power plants, restaurants, showrooms, retail stores, shopping malls, social halls, special structures, sports facilities, warehouses etc.

Pre Engineered steel building

is a building shell employing distinct product categories:

  • » Built - up “I” section to build primary structural framing members (Columns and Rafters)
  • » Cold – formed “Z” and “C” section to form secondary structural members (Roof Purlins, Eave and Wall Girts)
  • » Roll formed profiled sheeting (Roof and Wall Panels)
  • » Optional sub systems, which includes mezzanine floors, custom beams and rafters, crane runway beams, roof platforms, catwalks, etc.

Custom beams and rafters for unique frames to accommodate the large openings/clear access for ease of operations, which include portal frames, high level mezzanines / 2nd floor, fascia, soffits and other applications.

Why Us?

  • » Smart detailing and appearance
  • » Timely completion of the project
  • » Complete customization
  • » Professional designing and structuring
  • » Best quality structures