We at Mahin Engineering ensure best engineering and design practices. The developed design is reviewed for better performance by Design Engineers before being manufactured.

PLC Panels

  • » Control Panel Vertical/Desk with Programmable Logic Controller and Touch screen HMI.
  • » Panels with Complex PLC where CPU, Power Supply, Communication and I/O redundancy.
  • » Panels with computers and SCADA Connectivity and Housing.

VFD Panels

  • » Control Panel Vertical/Desk with Variable Frequency Drives.
  • » Panels with PLC for control of switch in of VFDs and Automatic Speed Control.
  • » Panels with HMI interface to feed data and monitor the status of drivers and their health.

Automatic Power Factor Controlling Panels

  • » Automatic Power factor correction relay.
  • » Special duty contactor for capacitor switching.
  • » Intelligent power factor correction relay.
  • » MPP heavy duty capacitors.
  • » Detune factor for harmonic elimination.

Other Panel Products

  • » Instrument Panel.
  • » Process Control Panels with Timer/Relays (Indoor and Outdoor, up IP:65 )
  • » Relay and Control Panel.
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